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About Lex Art

My Beginnings


LEX's creative journey began in Marin County California. She would search for intriguing pieces of free furniture who were given away at coffee shops and other drive "thru's" where she would have a part time job. Unfortunately because of a lack of storage space and escalating rent, LEX had to put down her furniture route and with it put aside her creative self. It was then that she encountered the radio world.

After a decade of underground radio shows, LEX retires the radio station in May 2014. It was that same year August that she went thru a major surgery. Through her rehabilitation period LEX discovered that she had become weaker from neglecting her creative energy. And so, with a vow to never abandon or neglect her creativity self ever again; LEX began to draw. Using vibrant colors, she pretty soon realized her colorful drawings were in absolute relation to her healing process.


Her creations are based on color energy and Feng Shui, inspired by her own life, meditation and color composition

" ART makes me function she says, after a major surgery that I've had, i promised myself to not block my creativity ever again "

LEX Motto " If people like my pieces i'm grateful, if people don't like my pieces i'm still grateful "

My First Project



The very first project to take LEX back to her full creative self was a 44"x56” wood frame that she put together containing symbolic numerology, personal philosophy and raw creative flow..In continuation, she created different size canvases to express herself with even more color. Giving them intense composure's would take any observer an electrifying perspective and dramatic story line. 

Abstract Expressionism meeting eclecticism would be the best to describe her various pieces, created with various material to change around the familiar canvas concept.

My Art Intentions


LEX is looking forward to create, display and express herself in more challenging ways in order to keep her promise; to not restrain her creative flow ever again. LEX wants to share with the world her artistic visions.

All the pieces are unique only 1 of the kind however i can replicate any of those canvas if some are sold out. Email me for more inquiry. All the pieces are handmade even the canvas . 

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