In front of the camera since 1988




​" Shuggah is a versatile and enthusiastic collaborator who can be just as comfortable in a studio as she out in the cold on a beachside cliff . I'm happy to have had the opportunity to work with her and i look forward to more of the same "  Jason




​" Shuggah is such an amazing model. She's professional, on time and gives everything she's got on the shoot. I've never been disappointed working with her. She's one of the best, and feel honored i've been able to work with her as many times as we've had " Cherise O 




" Working with this amazing professional was a blast. Shuggah was perfect to work with. We clearly remember working under challenging weather and difficult shooting conditions and she was reliable and had a great attitude all day long.We see in Shuggah not only a great model but also a creative, inventive being with a unique look. A real artist " Alen & Greggory